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Our Goal is Simple

We want to help inspire a healthier lifestyle amongst all South Africans through our delicious, sustainable and affordable coconut products.

We do more than just sell products to people. We are passionate about educating people in understanding how our bodies are impacted by what we consume. We are driven to encourage more people to challenge the status quo by considering their food sources. Our business is built on the foundation of transparency and honesty and is rooted in our passion to help more families like our own.

The inspiration to launch Coconathi came from a place of nurture and the desire to help others who might be facing the same challenges that our founder, Ramona faced in her early stages of parenthood.

The idea for Coconathi was sparked shortly after Ramona’s son was born prematurely, who then encountered various health challenges. Frustrated at not finding an answer, Ramona set out on her own journey for a more natural solution for him. Upon discovering the phenomenal impact coconut milk had on her son’s health, she was dismayed that the product is not easy to find and very expensive.. This inspired her to source coconut milk and products at a more affordable price range, so that the average South African can enjoy the wonderful benefits that nature’s miracle fruit has to offer.

After welcoming their son, at just 32 weeks, and weighing a mere 1.2 kilograms, Ramona was overwhelmed by the difficult challenges she faced as a new mom. Left with no option but to supplement his intake with formula, Ramona noticed that he continued to develop at a slow pace. Like all parents, they only wanted the best for her son so continued to explore ways of ensuring their newborn baby received the best nutritional sources. However, despite her efforts, he continued to experience slow respiratory development, constant sinus tract infections and asthma flares.

Ramona continued to try their best to help boost their son’s immunity by attempting to strike a balance between dietary requirements and medical interventions with the help and guidance of medical practitioners, never questioning the recommendations being made. When her son was only two years old, he joined daycare but unfortunately, his weak immunity often meant he would land up needing medical attention, resulting in hospitalisation.

It was then that Ramona started paying attention to the diet and foods that their son was eating and made small adjustments which quickly lead to them learning that the simplest changes are the most impactful ones.

Through trial and error, they realised that by removing dairy from her son’s diet, he was able to cope much better and his overall health and wellbeing improved.

Their research showed that more than 70% of the world’s population was walking the same path that Ramona was with her son, and that lactose intolerance not only causes bloating, stomach cramps and exacerbated sinus infections, but it also reduces the absorption of nutrients and minerals in the body.

Rooted in their passion to help their son and the many others like him, Ramona set out to find a sustainable alternative milk source but soon realised that most existing plant milks don’t taste good, contain common nut allergens and the ones that don’t, are not cost-effective especially for the average South African household.Coconathi aims to close the gap by providing a healthy and flavourful replacement that is affordable enough to consume on a regular basis, all while remaining sustainable and providing a source of vitamins and nutrients for a better lifestyle.

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