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A warm welcome to Coconathi, my name is Ramona, I am the founder and CEO of Coconathi and this is our story. 

After giving birth to my son at just 32 weeks, I found out he was born with various health challenges. As a new mom, this was all very overwhelming, but I was determined to find a way to boost my son’s immunity.

At first I was convinced that a balance between his dietary requirements and medical interventions, with the guidance of medical practitioners, was the best way forward.

However, when my son started attending daycare at 2 years old, things began to spiral and he would often require medical attention and at times, hospitalization. As a first time mom, this was scary and frustrating, as we all want the best for our children. This was when I decided to focus on his diet.

Many months of trial and error went by and I discovered something as simple as removing dairy from his diet made the biggest impact and that his overall health had improved.

While searching for the answer, I learnt that more than 70% of the world’s population was in the same boat as my son and that lactose intolerance not only causes bloating, stomach cramps and exacerbated sinus infections, but it also reduces the absorption of nutrients and minerals in the body.

I was on a mission to find a milk-alternative that was affordable, tasty and one that my son would actually enjoy, as we all know how two year olds can be when it comes to food. Through my research I learnt about the benefits of coconut milk, a plant-based milk, that did not contain common nut allergens, it was cost-effective and that’s when Coconathi was born.

Combining my passion for helping my son and others in South Africa suffering from lactose intolerance, my team and I sourced and created a tasty, healthy coconut milk that is easy on the pocket, especially compared to other milk-alternatives out there and is a delicious addition to any hot beverage, cereal, smoothies, curries and the list goes on.

Boasting heaps of health benefits, our coconut milk is perfect for the whole family, lactose intolerant or not and it is a product I truly trust and enjoy.

For more information please feel free to contact me on ramona.harms@coconathi.com, I would love to hear from you!


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